Deux croissants, s’il vous plait.

So, before I started my new job we went on holiday. Kit’s first holiday. We had shiny new passports and tickets to drive onto and sleep on a boat, and then we were glamping it up in a Eurocamp ‘deluxe’ caravan. We went with my parents (you wouldn’t catch me driving onto a boat, madness I tell you, I don’t even like driving on the road). The ferry landed in St Malo earlyish on Sunday morning and we had the week to explore Brittany. We stayed in a campsite in St Cast, about an hours drive away from the ferry. It’s fair to say that we hadn’t chosen the right campsite for that time of year, in fact we were a bit disappointed that Eurocamp thought that it was ok to rent out caravans on a campsite that was essentially closed down already. The bar (and restaurant)wasn’t open, thankfully France is home of cheap wine and we’d brought Uno, Boggle and Yahtzee with us so evening entertainment came via a more traditional way.

We explored St Malo, Dinard, Dinan and some of the beaches closeby (I can’t remember the names). Kit’s favourite part of the holiday was definitely the caravan. About 10 minutes after we left it each morning he started asking when we were going back, and was constantly checking that we were going back to the caravan. Apart from the caravan he mainly enjoyed burying people (and himself) in sand, demanding croissants constantly, and randomly saying ‘bonjour’ to anyone who would listen.

Thinking about a trip to Paris on Eurostar next, apparently kids under 4 are free if they sit on your lap. What do you think my chances are of keeping Kit on my lap for the whole train-ride there?


‘Life itself is the most wonderful fairytale.”



Once upon a time there was a little boy and his mum. They lived in a flat somewhere in the London suburbs. They had lots of fun and made the most of what they had. Until the big bad wolf tried to blow it all down.

This is a post I never imagined having to write. We’re moving here as part of our very own witness relocation scheme (from blogger). It’s all gotten a bit messy in our lives and apparently social media just opens another door for harrassment. In a hope to hide from the tweets and comments for a while and because I didn’t want to have to make my blog private we’re here. We hope that the people we want to find us, and maybe some new people discover us too. I will look at moving over the old posts (if possible) later.

A lot has been happening around here. The first few potential buyers have come to look at our flat, which our landlord has put up for sale. They are hoping to sell with us in situ, but it is going on the open market too so there could be some big moves happening. Either way we may fly this nest fairly soon.

On a more positive note I’ve got a new job. Started last week as an Art Teaching Assistant in a primary school and I love it. I’ve only stapled my finger to the wall once, but I have put up three wall displays. As of yet noone has cut me, my clothes or my hair with scissors. I haven’t been stuck to a chair (although I saved a boy from sticking himself today). But… tomorrow is the first day working with paint and I’m predicting it will be messy. 🙂

Kit is happy to be back at pre-school, and because of the new job he is doing three days in a row now and we have super-long 4-day weekends, which works out great because we’ll be looking to escape from here lots and lots.

I’ve started training as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter in an NHS/NCT training scheme, and I start my new OU module in a few weeks and have the exam for the last one next month. Keeping myself busy to stop myself going mad.

Kit’s busy enjoying the trying threes. Wholly a monster, but a pretty adorable one. I’m more determined than ever to build the strongest home for him ever, and make sure that my previous mistakes and bad judgement don’t wreck his chances of living happily ever after.