Deux croissants, s’il vous plait.

So, before I started my new job we went on holiday. Kit’s first holiday. We had shiny new passports and tickets to drive onto and sleep on a boat, and then we were glamping it up in a Eurocamp ‘deluxe’ caravan. We went with my parents (you wouldn’t catch me driving onto a boat, madness I tell you, I don’t even like driving on the road). The ferry landed in St Malo earlyish on Sunday morning and we had the week to explore Brittany. We stayed in a campsite in St Cast, about an hours drive away from the ferry. It’s fair to say that we hadn’t chosen the right campsite for that time of year, in fact we were a bit disappointed that Eurocamp thought that it was ok to rent out caravans on a campsite that was essentially closed down already. The bar (and restaurant)wasn’t open, thankfully France is home of cheap wine and we’d brought Uno, Boggle and Yahtzee with us so evening entertainment came via a more traditional way.

We explored St Malo, Dinard, Dinan and some of the beaches closeby (I can’t remember the names). Kit’s favourite part of the holiday was definitely the caravan. About 10 minutes after we left it each morning he started asking when we were going back, and was constantly checking that we were going back to the caravan. Apart from the caravan he mainly enjoyed burying people (and himself) in sand, demanding croissants constantly, and randomly saying ‘bonjour’ to anyone who would listen.

Thinking about a trip to Paris on Eurostar next, apparently kids under 4 are free if they sit on your lap. What do you think my chances are of keeping Kit on my lap for the whole train-ride there?


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